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Hi , I'm Dick Annand and I manufacture and sell Longnecker®  Tools. I welcome you to my website displaying my line of quality gardening tools.
After years of production, I know that I have a good product line.

If you have come to this site to purchase one of our fine garden tools, click here and I'll take you directly to the order form.  If you're here to learn more about Longnecker® Tools, please read on and enjoy your visit.

Thanks for your interest.

Company Profile

I am located near Gibsonville North Carolina and garden tools are my specialty. Professionally, I gardened large acreage landscapes for over 30 years, so I know that using quality garden tools can make a job fun or never ending.. Whether you're a professional gardener, landscaper or just enjoy gardening at home, Annand's original Longnecker® garden tools are for you.

I designed Longnecker® Trowels and Weeders for my own crews . The tools had to work and I wanted them to last for many years. When you want a trowel or weeder that won't have to be replaced every season, Longnecker® is the way to go. My garden tools will make any gardener feel like a professional .

Longnecker garden products are simple in design with productivity, durability and leverage foremost. These tools are made of welded and powder coated, thirteen gauge steel, the Longnecker® trowel and Weeder are balanced and their tapered ash handles are easy on your hands. The Longnecker® Weeder is every gardeners answer providing a fast finish to any weeding task. All of my tools are guaranteed not to break in normal use while being versatile and easy on the hands.

Annand's original Longnecker® gardening equipment is what you want to take to the garden, and then you too will be able to say:

"Once you have used Longnecker® tools, You'll never go back to straight tools."

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding our garden products please write (good), call (better), or e-mail (best).  If you want to make a purchase, click here.  We'll be glad to help, we are located near Gibsonville North Carolina!

(336) 449-7225 (USA)
Postal address
5610 NC 61 North, Gibsonville, NC 27249 USA
Electronic mail
General Information, Sales, Customer Support: trowelman@earthlink.net
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